Monday, 27 June 2016

Ghosts of Victory

I got a quite unusual proposal a couple of months ago, when Bex from Zeitgeist Zero sent me a message and asked me, if I want to do a review about their new album Ghosts of Victory. I haven't done anything like that before, but of course I said yes! Even though I didn't know the band, I always like to explore new music and of course I want to share them with you too.

First, some facts about the band:

"Alt-wave rock and eerie macabre pop, fusing sultry female vocals with dark, twisted electronics and a determined attitude. This is a place where electro-goth, fuzzed up psychobilly and dance driven classic rock ‘n roll bed down with seedy art-house eroticism, jazz-era glamour and a knowing cheekiness.

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Zeitgeist Zero produce a sensational mix of electronics, guitars and drums, intertwining around passionate female vocals. Catchy beats, hooks and riffs bely an intelligent lyrical sensibility. Since their inception in 2003 in Leeds England, their three albums releases have met with international critical acclaim, enabling the band to build up a loyal worldwide following.  Their recorded output is impressively assured, genre-stretching and playful, but it’s in the live arena where the band really explode into vibrant existence. Because they don’t do gigs. Most definitely not. They put on a show."

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And then for the album! 

One thing I noticed pretty soon, was that the album is very versatile. When I was looking for some information about the band, (before listening the album) for some reason I thought their music is mostly industrial rock. Well, of course there's much rock, but there's definitely much more too! Third song Dust and Bone is very different from the other songs, I really like how it sounded. Not sure though how to express it? I think you could say it's close to rockabilly, but the singer Teresa Dead's voice make it sound much more interesting. My other favorite song is the Loose Lips Sink Ships. It's very powerful rock song, but there's also a lovely melodic piano, and  This song gave me chills, so it has to be good!

After many rock songs, I was surprised when I listened When The Lights Go Down (Bump 'n' Grind mix) and United In Black (Dance or Die mix), since they got me dancing! I loved to dance, so when I find music what I can listen while dancing,  the perfect match. And I could absolutely imagine the United in Black song for some club, and if I ever hear it somewhere, I promise to dance!

So overall, you can't say that the songs are from only one genre, since there's definitely a place for an industrial rock, psychobilly and some electronic too! Therefore, there's most likely something for everyone who like that kind of music.

Although this was more an introduction of the band than an album review, I hope you still enjoy it and maybe you found some new music to listen to.

You can check the whole album here!

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